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Located in the heart of Europe, in the Belgian Ardennes, the company SOLAREC, active in the dairy industry, processing each year more than 1 billion liters of milk. Thanks to modern and functionnal equipment, SOLAREC supplies high quality products throughout the world.

Our main products

Milk powder

Whole milk powder, skim milk powder, buttermilk powder, in different kinds of compositions, each customer can find in our range the powder corresponding ot his commercial or industrial expectations; Solarec powder is distributed worldwide.

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Well know for the quality of its butter, available in pack of 250 g till 25 kg, Solarec butter responds perfectly to the expectation of consumers, artisan and industrialists for all their applications. Sweet cream or Lactic butter. Organic butter.

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UHT milk

Under its own brand or private label, on the European market or for export to third countries, Solarec supplies its customers with high-quality milk, produced with respect for nature and animals. Availalbe in conventional milk or organic milk. 

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